What is the rate threshold for vetKey(vetKD)?

What is the rate threshold for vetKey(vetKD)? Is it at least 2/3?
I could not find the threshold in the documentation.

Hi @tokuryoo! The integration design phase for the vetKD feature was not performed/finished yet, but the current preliminary plan would be to use our existing non-interactive distributed key generation (NI-DKG) protocol (which is also used to set up the keys for threshold signatures) to set up the required keys for vetKD: with this, the respective threshold would be 2/3.

In any case, please do remember that the example implementation that we created for the proposed vetKD feature runs in a canister (and is not part of the core Internet Computer protocol yet) and must thus only be used for testing and prototyping, but not for production. See also the various disclaimers in the code examples, such as this one.

Thank you, I have understood and also read the disclaimers.

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