What is dscvr.one using as a database?

I am aware that BigMap is not out yet, and sudograph by @lastmjs is still limited to one canister.
What are production sites doing right now? Dscvr.one: in general what is the database used there?

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who knows? until it was openscource , nobody knows. maybe it just use mysql :slight_smile:

It’s running on one canister right now :slightly_smiling_face:


How fun :grinning: . I will probably do a data canister layer ad hoc. If I give users an id to remember, that id could tell me which data canister their data resides in; like an area code. When scaling I will make the new people have a new area code.

Just running on 1 canister atm like @kpeacock said, I also use candid for everything.


Are you using Motoko or rust ?

My project is up on IC. Mostly doing FE now but am starting on BE, and plan on using Motoko.

Currently DSCVR is built in Rust. I believe IC applications wont be built in one language, will about the right tool for the job.


I an interested in knowing the plan when data grows outside of the one canister.

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