What are your recommendations for studying Web Assembly?

While studying Dfinity, I noticed web assembly plays a big role of canister. But I am new to WASM, many words(like actor model, async, deterministic) makes me confused.

I would like to learn about Web assembly from foundation. So could you tell me some recommendation teaching aids(books, docs, videos)?


While you don’t actually need to know the low level details of Wasm to build on the IC, I certainly wouldn’t discourage a deep dive into WebAssembly if you’re interested. For this Lin Clark’s talks are excellent, you can find a few links in this thread:

And re the terms you mentioned above, they’re really unrelated topics, but they’re equally interesting! For some info on the actor model there’s some good content here: https://forum.dfinity.org/t/introduction-to-the-actor-model/81?u=ori
And Wikipedia is worth a read for a quick overview of determinism: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deterministic_algorithm


This is my attitude 100%.

And I also highly recommend Lin Clark’s talks and posts as well to get started.

I will share that learning about simple virtual machines (stack machines vs register machines), helped me understand WebAssembly as well.