What are the costs to create a canister

Many of my ideas take advantage of the having swarms of canisters. In some instances each user might have a canister.

For spam reasons I imagine this has to cost something - can anyone share the cycle costs involved with creating a canister on the mainnet?


“The conversion of ICP tokens to cycles occurs at a variable rate, which is constantly configured by the NNS in response to external markets.”



Thanks for the share. Updated my post to be a bit more clear - I want to know how many cycles we can expect to need to create a canister.

When operating in nns app, It prompts that in order to create a canister, at least 2T cycles are required

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Good spot!

That is quite painful :cry:

It’s around $2.5 USD for 2T cycles. I think I read somewhere that 1T cycles should be pinned at around one Swiss Franc, but that may be old tokenomics.

Yeah, I’m hoping that will come way down either by the time people are onboarded to the network, or shortly thereafter.

1T = 1XDR (an IMF basket).

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