Weird array out of bounds error

function initializeDirectCanDBPartitionClient(canisterId: Principal)
  const host = isLocal ? "" : "";
  const agent = new HttpAgent({ host });
  return Actor.createActor(CanDBPartitionIDL, { agent, canisterId });
const client = initializeDirectCanDBPartitionClient(obj.itemRef.canister);
obj.item = await client.getItem(BigInt( as any;


Uncaught (in promise) Error: Call failed:
  Canister: a3shf-5eaaa-aaaaa-qaafa-cai
  Method: getItem (query)
  "Status": "rejected"
  "Code": "CanisterError"
  "Message": "IC0503: Canister a3shf-5eaaa-aaaaa-qaafa-cai trapped explicitly: Array index out of bounds"
    at caller (index.js:184:27)
    at async ItemData.create (index.js:78705:20)


  func _getAttribute(options: CanDB.GetOptions, subkey: Text): ?Entity.AttributeValue {
    Debug.print("ITEM-1: "); // FIXME: Remove.
    let all = CanDB.get(db, options);
    Debug.print("ITEM0: " # debug_show(all)); // FIXME: Remove.
    do ? { RBT.get(all!.attributes,, subkey)! };
  public query func getItem(itemId: Nat): async ?lib.Item {
    let data = _getAttribute({sk = "i/" # Nat.toText(itemId)}, "i");
    Debug.print("ITEM: " # debug_show(data)); // FIXME: Remove.
    do ? { lib.deserializeItem(data!) };

should output at least ITEM-1:, which however does not appear in the logs of dfx start.

Why the error?!

I changed the Motoko code to:

  public query func getItem(itemId: Nat): async ?lib.Item {
    return null; // to ensure the action is completely done
    let data = _getAttribute({sk = "i/" # Nat.toText(itemId)}, "i");
    Debug.print("ITEM: " # debug_show(data));
    do ? { lib.deserializeItem(data!) };

in order to be sure Debug.print is not prevented to work by rollback.

But I have still no messages output. Help!

It seems, that the error is explainable by canister ID being missing in .env file, what is in turn explainable by a canister missing in dfx.json dependencies of the canister that was last deployed.

You should probably ask in CanDB discord server CanScale

Array index out of bounds is thrown when you have something like - array with 10 elements:
let myArr = Array.init(10, null)

and then you try to access myArr[50]

The code you are showing has nothing to do with the error. It’s somewhere deep below. Your CanDB setup is probably wrong.

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