Web2 oauth integration

Hello, I’m new here.
And I have questions about oauth.

I’m building a simple dapp and implementing a login feature.
I want to create an oauth feature, but is there any way to integrate methods such as email or apple login that are used in web2?

I posted a question on Discord, but was told it was not possible. However, I’m wondering if there is a way.

I’ve tested making it through NFID, but I’m wondering if other oauth is completely impossible.

Hi @JungHo-K1m

If you simply want to sign-in, then this is possible. Unfortunately, we do not have a nice reference implementation to follow. I outlined in this thread what would need to be implemented.

Also, take a look at this example, that uses Auth0 as an identity provider: GitHub - ilbertt/ic-react-native-jwt-auth: React Native (Expo) + JWT Authentication + Rust ICP canister

I hope this helps. :slight_smile:

Is it okay to proceed in the following way?

  1. sign up via NFID
  2. save the principal received from ICP
  3. Proceed with oauth login
  4. save the provider_id provided by oauth

=> Store these data on-chain(backend canister maybe).