We need meta governance

I think the current process to issue, vote and execute governance proposals does more harm than good to the project. The main issue stems from the potential lack of consistency among the set of governance rules due to the adoption of new proposals designed with local objectives instead of being designed taking an holistic point of view. Just like countries don’t change the first grade school education curricula every semester, or they cut transnational diplomatic ties, or they decide to stop paying their their international debt.

Similarly, as “IC citizens”, we should not simply allow any governance proposal to move to the voting state. There should be a set filters/mechanism/meta-governance that encourage the Internet Computer to move forward and that prevents to move in circles or in a downward spirals.

I believe that identifying and implementing this mechanism should be the main governance priority and we should disallow significant governance changes until this mechanism is in place even though this takes several years to realize. Until then, I belive also that the Dfinity Foundation should have a multiplied voting weight to decide on individual governance proposals.

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