Wasm32-unknown-unknown target is not supported by default, you may need to enable the "js" feature

Dear all

Almost out of nowhere a new error is occurring when I call

dfx build canister_backend

The command leads to

cargo build --target wasm32-unknown-unknown --release -p canister_backend --locked

which finally results in some new and weird compilations:

   Compiling getrandom v0.2.8
   Compiling tokio v1.24.1
   Compiling mio v0.8.5
   Compiling want v0.3.0
   Compiling socket2 v0.4.7
   Compiling rustls-native-certs v0.6.2
   Compiling async-trait v0.1.61

My project does not rely on packages like getrandom nor mio nor socket.

Not surprising, it leads to dozens of errors, the top one showing:

error: the wasm32-unknown-unknown target is not supported by default, you may need to enable the "js" feature.

I guess that somehow the cargo target might have changed?

Happy to get some clues :slight_smile:

BR and thanks

Not a Rust expert but I guess so. Probably one of your dependencies has fetched a new minor or major update for an indirect dependencies. Did anything changed in one of your Cargo.toml or Cargo.lock file recently? Or did you add a new dependency?

I remember having once such error message when I tried to use a crate that was not compatible.

Hi peterparker

That was exactly it! I briefly had a dependency which was not compatible. Even though the Cargo.toml was clean, the Cargo.lock was not, and this caused the issue.

Solved now!

Thank you very much.


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Ah super, happy to hear it worked out and good to know!

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