VPN Blocking by Boundary Nodes

Could DFINITY disable VPN Blocking to the IC controlled domains enforced by the boundary nodes?

There are many good reasons for people to use VPNs, in Canada for example there are several recent restrictions on YouTube, and Social Media so people use VPNs to be able to access censored sources of news.

Outside of Canada many use VPNs to avoid censorship regimes.

I see no benefit to censor VPNs at the IC level, could you please consider removing this blocking?


Joseph Hurtado

P.S. Indeed I am Canadian.

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I can imagine blocking a VPN makes sense from a perspective of large automated spam on boundary nodes, letting all this traffic through without any checks probably isn’t a realistic option.

With Cloudflare, you get a challenge when a VPN is detected, so humans can still access the website but bots can’t. Probably something similar could be an improvement over outright blocking VPNs.

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It is a good suggestion indeed to avoid spam bots, I do agree on this one despite the hate I have over nearly impossible CAPTCHAs! :wink:

This probably is also an interesting topic for the Boundary Node Roadmap (decentralizing the boundary nodes)

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Hey @josephgranata

The boundary nodes do not perform any VPN blocking. They do however maintain a list of canisters that violate the code of conduct (e.g., phishing attempts) and only block access to those canisters.

It would be great if you could share more details about what you are trying to access and how it fails (e.g., screenshots), such that we can look into it. The goal is that everyone has access to the Internet Computer and reports like yours help to reach that goal.

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I will share the error later this week, it happens when I use a particuar VPN all the IC domains cease to work completely, when I remove the VPN it all works again.

@rbirkner I tried to reproduce the error page I received using the same VPN configuration as I used before, but the error page does not show any more.

I am guessing it was an unusual glitch, I am writing this now using the same VPN that did not work before. Every IC / DFINITY domain seems to work fine again.

If this happens again I will make sure to get a screenshot and share.



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