VOTING PROBLEM (from personal user experience)

I was trying to vote yes on a recent proposal 57849

However when I try Logging through windows desktop setup it tell me that I need a USB to authenticate myself.
I know this is a security precaution, but it slows me down. How many other people is it slowing down?

I want to vote by just login in…

And I had a suggestion that people who don’t have ICP locked in should still be allowed to vote.
This is because, think of the African continent… how many users that have an account with this network would be allowed to vote ?
The community should implement a way to make this possible.
Thank you!

A prior idea, was that UMOJACOIN, would be a subnet in the Internet Computer and the user’s of Umoja coin (who would be mostly from Africa) would have a say in how this network runs.

Africa has a population of 1.26 Billion people \ 1% of this population using the IC is about 1M active users!

Maybe just a bit of patience and I totally disagree with unlocked staking people voting because of 51% Attacks on Governance

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