Update Real TPS to Improve Mainstream Adoption

As part of increasing the Internet Computers mainstream awareness and adoption we need to recognize that the average user/consumer place a lot of value in easy to understand concepts and numbers.

Sites like https://realtps.net/ that many people visit gives them an “easy” to compare table of transactions per second. Although in the detail page you can check how they calculate the tps for each blockchain, you should take it with a grain of salt, as for example Solana’s number are heavily boasted by internal transactions.

My point however is that the Internet Computer has finally been added to the site after long being absent from it. However, to my surprise, as of writing the tps is currently at a measly 0.09. Regardless if it is/isn’t painting an accurate picture at, it does leave an impression on newcomers and regular people looking to compare blockchains and probably walking away with an incorrect impression.

Can somebody help me understand:

A) How the tps calculation is so low compared to the on chain numbers ICP has in its own dashboard?

B) How we can provide feedback to https://realtps.net/ to calculate a more realistic number of the ICP transactions per second, as much as that is possible?

This is all coming from a place of wanting ICP to grown and become more accessible to mainstream audiences. Obviously, there are many things that will contribute to this mainstream adoptions, but perhaps stuff like this might be a quick win or low hanging fruit to support that effort, thanks.


Thanks for the heads up @From_The_Woods !

This is why an active community is important. I dont think anyone had pointed this out before. We will take a look, not sure if anybody from DFINITY has already done that.


ICP is using rosetta-api.internetcomputer.org for its data. The numbers appear to reflect “ICP transactions” on dashboard.internetcomputer.org, but is nowhere near the ~4800 tps that website claims. Probably these numbers aren’t accounting for cannister messages.

In general, we’re actively working on exposing more metrics in a trustworthy and decentralized manner. It’s a tough problem so may take a bit of time.

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