Upcoming Service Worker rollout with v2 response verification: Upgrade asset canisters with dfx 0.14.3

TL;DR: If your asset canisters were last deployed with dfx 0.14.0 or 0.14.1, please upgrade them with dfx 0.14.3.

We will soon roll out a Service Worker that re-enables response verification v2. This will break functionality in your asset canister if it has not been updated.

We’ve added more testing to make sure that the asset canister works properly with response verification v2.

The asset canisters in dfx 0.14.0 and 0.14.1 have a broken implementation of response verification v2 and should not be used in production.

The asset canisters in dfx 0.14.2 and dfx 0.14.3 force the use of response verification v1, and so will be compatible with the future version of the service worker.

The 0.15.0-beta.1 release turns on response verification v2 for the asset canister. We encourage you to try it and make sure your canisters work properly.

dfx 0.15.0-beta.2 updates to elected replica 9c896222. We are still awaiting the rollout of service workers that support response verification v2.