Upcoming proposal and discussion on content moderation

I didn’t think my chart was that pretty but thanks.

Elaborate, what else does the IC does that is legally relevant?

In the case of the IC “node” would be “boundary node,” their decentralization would render em legally autonomous. Added to that, some technical solution to make storage node operators unliable would be implemented, which would be what concerns your comment.

This is being discussed here so please come over and ask about any real issues you may find with that solution, Harrison and Jordan are way smarter than me and I’m sure will be able to respond far better than I can.

As a side note, consider approaching ideas with a bit more charitability, if you want to keep engaging with me at least. Instead of saying “this can’t be done, you’re stupid and the IC is too complex for your solutions,” ask yourself how a solution could be implemented, what the relevant abstractions in the idea are, etc. And we may both benefit from it.