Upcoming Hot or Not SNS decentralization sale

I congratulate you whatever the result! With perseverance like you have, sooner or later it will pay off! Thank you for contributing to the ecosystem. I send a hug to the whole team! :rocket:


I am busy right now, can I ignore you some other time?

We have been appreciating your feedback always, although we would always like to respond in a more positive and constructive manner.

Firstly, we want to assure you that hard work is indeed our primary focus. As a young startup, we acknowledge that we may not currently possess the extensive resources that some tech giants have. However, we are committed to working tirelessly to demonstrate the value of our efforts. It is important to us that individuals like yourself recognize the dedication required to accomplish what we have set out to do.

We understand that your intention may have been to convey a particular message, and we acknowledge that using more respectful and inclusive language can foster healthier discussions within the community. We believe that maintaining a positive environment for everyone involved allows for better collaboration and progress.

Our aim is to demonstrate, over time, that we are here for the long run, making HotOrNot into a community-owned project of substantial scale. We strive to take it to new heights and provide a platform that positively impacts the community as a whole.

Thank you once again for sharing your thoughts, and we encourage you to engage in open and constructive dialogue moving forward.

We genuinely wish you the best of luck in all your endeavours.


Moderation of “soft-something” content is nothing more than censorship. You can optionally introduce it as an optional option for creators to not break their copyrights or to make it easier for them to automatically monetize (example: YouTube content ID) but not to block “body art”. It isn’t the purpose of Web3 Dapps to treat its users like children of the Web2 world under 18 y/o.
Let’s be censorship resistant.

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You are right let’s do this.


:rocket: :partying_face:

woohoo, congrats guys, Hot or Not is now decentralised!


515 k !!

you are my hero! :pray:

In all my life I did not even get 1% of what you have from that icp. :joy:


Congratulations Hot or Not team


How did the Hot or Not NFT holders end up receiving their HOT tokens?

Not sure if it’s all, but the Funded NFTs are considered in the Airdrop:
Hot or Not

Yup, well done.

Now time to show the world a fresh new TikTok.

Wishing you all best of luck and eagerly awaiting updates.


I want to make clear with this statement that my thoughts are my own and not on behalf of any organization or influence. Especially now with my involvement with BoomDAO, which I support. BoomDAO has many parties that may differ in opinions, but its my understanding that the BoomDAO founders support Hot or Not

Also I want to say that I don’t NOT support Hot or Not. I just wanted to be able to communicate some concerns and clear up some assumptions due to millions of dollars being on the line. From what Ive seen in the community, decentralization sale == being able to decentralize after the sale rather than a funding round to get to that point, thats all.
I wish the Hot or Not the best, it seems like their Roadmap is great and love some of the tokenomics and design of what the app could be. I just disagree with the marketing of the current state of the product, though it can have potential to be great. If the hot or not dapp does well, I do well because the ecosystem does well. I think its healthy to have discussions about concerns so that the ecosystem is healthy.
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Of course I do. There is merits to the argument made.

Hey Gekctek!

Thanks for posting this clarification, we appreciate it. As one of the founders of BOOM DAO, I want to state clearly that we wholeheartedly support HotOrNot and have a great relationship with Rishi and the team. I met them personally on a trip to San Francisco and they’re an incredibly professional and solid team with massive plans in store for HotOrNot. At BOOM DAO, we truly believe in uniting the IC ecosystem and adopting a positive-sum mindset where we can support and foster network effects for all ICP projects. A rising tide lifts all boats. We’ve always celebrated HotOrNot publicly and hope for the long-term success of HotOrNot to onboard millions to the IC! Kudos on the successful SNS sale :slight_smile:

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Hi Zack!

We wholeheartedly value your efforts to communicate specific messages, and we truly emphasize the significance of using respectful and inclusive language to foster more enriching discussions within our community.

At the core of our beliefs lies the firm conviction that cultivating a positive environment for all participants leads to enhanced collaboration and facilitates greater progress together. Therefore, we kindly request you to consider using language that encourages healthy discussions, refraining from implying or resorting to name-calling and abusive behavior towards other respected members of the community.

We sincerely appreciate engaging in discussions that contribute meaningfully to the betterment of the community, where ideas are exchanged constructively for the collective benefit of all involved. Hope you understand :slight_smile: Thank you so much.


“Smart people learn from everything and everyone, average people from their experiences, stupid people already have all the answers.” —Socrates


You respectfully ignore the usual questions about the form and approximate timing of the HOT token airdrop for the community. I like your vision of development and monetization, but not the behavior of the team behind the project. You are good at posting, but it’s all very inflated.

When does the airdrop happen? Do the Funded NFT holders have to do anything? Where will the tokens show up?

I think this is a question for @rishichadha30 and @saikatdas0790