Upcoming Hot or Not SNS decentralization sale

I think the CF is seen as “free money”. Everyone is moving fast because the pile gets smaller with each sale. There is no new vote by the CF to participate. The daos just get to decide a number.

If there is no CF then every dollar that goes in is a considered dollar and an active “Investment”.

I think the CF can be pretty cool, but right now it seems like a bowl of candy left out for Halloween and kids are coming by and taking way more the allotted 1 piece per person. That instantly gets you bad vibes and puts people on the defensive.


Hello, I have a couple questions.

From the FAQ’s on the web site:

Currently, there is no way to delete an account already created. You can change your Profile Picture and your Profile Name on your existing account. You can also create another account with a new Internet Identity, but this does not remove your videos from the platform. A video once uploaded cannot be deleted as of now, this service may be made available in the future.

Can you give a technical explanation on why people cannot delete their accounts?

In your FAQ, under “What type of content is prohibited?” question, it says to refer to the community guidelines in the Terms of Service. But, when I go to the Terms of Service, I see “You have also accepted the Hot or Not [privacy policy link], and our [ community guidelines link]” which leads me to believe there is supposed to be links to policies there, but there are none except placeholding text. So as of right now, everything goes?

I don’t see any information at all on how to contact the company if there is a problem or if someone needs support? I’m just using the desktop version and am not sure if that’s the case across Android an IOS as well. Where is the support page for people who need customer service?

Is there any information on the current company structure? Who built the app? Github?

Looks like a good idea/dapp, but I can’t find any hard information on anyone who has worked on it, or is working on supporting it? You’re trying to raise over $5 million USD, but I am struggling to find out who you are. I might just be looking in the wrong spot. If the info is out there, please throw it my way! Thanks.

Interesting. It’s an investment of ICP maturity, which people could cash out into any fiat they want within 7 days at will. Hence, I don’t see it as free money. If a project asks for too much of the CF, then they are not likely to succeed at the sale. I struggle with this characterization of the CF in the same way that I struggle with project “over valuation” arguments that I see from the community. The value of the project is what people are willing to pay and we won’t know that until the sale is complete. If the project asks too much, then the bids will not raise enough and the SNS will not form. Every ICP or maturity ICP that goes into these sales has real, liquid value and I don’t think people invest it lightly. Yes, an SNS is a high risk investment just like all startups, but it’s real money on the line nonetheless. I guess I’d rather let the market decide the value of a project and if they are asking too much from the CF. I know we have several projects in the queue for SNS, but it seems they will all be hard. I suspect the CF will not run out. It will be interesting to watch as projects try to figure out a fair market value for the community of investors.


Might these two statement contradict each other? If the community pushes back because the ask from the CF is too high isn’t that the same as saying that they perceived it to be valued too high?

Edit: I should probably clarify that I have no real input on the valuation. I have no expertise there. The reason I would agree with @skilesare is because I feel that it’s my responsibility as a stakeholder to safeguard those funds. The SNS topic happens to be the one proposal type where I feel like my vote matters. If someone is going to ask for those funds I think it’s the responsibility of all active stakeholders to apply appropriate levels of skepticism and ask questions (respectfully).


Hello! Hot or Not seems like an interesting project. I was just curious if I could find the valuation method the team has used, determining a raise of 1-2m ICP. Not saying this is an inaccurate, invalid, or misrepresents valuation - just hoping to see the math behind it, to gauge the extrapolation of the valuation, and near term profitability for community fund participants. Thanks in advance!


The token economics of HOTORNOT looks bad, content creators have less rights in HOT governance, and the project side allocates another coin COYN for content creators, which is a falling coin with an infinite inflationary death spiral, with The value of COYN dropped by 99%, this project has no appeal to new players, people might as well use tiktok!

I think they are different, but to each their own. When it comes to valuation and CF allocation, I prefer to let the market decide if the project has asked too much. Others are free to make that decision through governance.

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But you’re obviously overvalued, which can cause anger in the community

I pray that Sonic’s tragedy will not be repeated.

We have prepared a comprehensive FAQ document to address the diverse range of queries raised by community members in the forum above. You can access the document by clicking on the following link:

FAQs for Hot or Not SNS Sale

We have made every effort to provide thorough and detailed answers to the questions. However, if you require additional information or if there are any omissions on our part, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are committed to assisting you and will be more than happy to help.


Hi @Accumulating.icp Please refer to the FAQ document posted in the forum. Thanks!


Goodmorning @rishichadha30 , thanks for your prompt reply. This is definitely a lot more in-depth than anyone else has provided to date, and I appreciate that.

Would it be possible for me to get ahold of the Comparative Transaction Analysis so I can understand the extrapolation that occurs within the valuation?

Hey @rishichadha30

To understand more about the SNS rewards, please refer to the following link

I think people are anlso interested in the actual numbers. What rate will you be paying for what lockup period?


Hot Or Not is putting African people in a scrolling loop for a promise of a few cents.

Web3 is great.

Hi! This is Utkarsh from the Hot or Not founding team.

We have revised the allocation for the Community Fund in the SNS Sale based on the guidelines provided by Dfinity in this post: DFINITY's voting on upcoming SNS launch proposals.

It’s important to mention that we will strictly adhere to the guideline that limits the Community Fund’s contribution to a maximum of 10% of the total maturity of the Community Fund at the time of submission. For more information on the updated allocation, please refer to the whitepaper.

Moreover, we have addressed concerns pertaining to user data security and potential vulnerabilities by including additional information in the FAQ document that was previously shared. Please feel free to review the same.


Goodmorning @utkarshgoyal ! I was just curious if this information is publicly available for review?

Hi Hot or Not team, At the time of funded they declared you had raised $200k and now you’ve put funded holders in the same category as seed investors. Funded guys get 0.27% allocation and I’m assuming the rest goes to these guys who gave them this $200k. Why the hueeeegee! difference in valuation in this same category? It’s more than 30X. They get 9.4% allocation for $200k. Now look at funded guys they get 0.27% allocation for 10k ICP or $40k. You didn’t disclose the valuation at which you raised, how much they raised from different inevstors, when they raised etc. There seems to be no mention of that in the WP.

Also funded guys are being allocated tokens at the lower ICP prices. I would get more tokens had I just kept my ICP with me and not funded your nfts. The additional benefits you guys talk of are worth a few ICP in the market (gob gob/nphone/Coyns). The thing that matters is HOT tokens and you’ve shortchanged us on that. Won’t fly well with SNS investors as well. Better revise the funded allocation to 2.5-3% and do right by the community.


@rishichadha30 I couldn’t find the Hot or Not GitHub repository or sns.yml file in the FAQ or whitepaper. Can you please provide a link?

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I reviewed the white paper and can verifiably say HotorNot is smoking Hot.


Just my two cents = HotorNot Team should consider to discard adopting COYN for the in-game economy. It is useless & has zero value outside the dapp. Adopt other popular cryptocurrencies instead, use ckBTC, ckETH, ICP, or something else that is popular. Also consider rewarding in HOT token for the content creators. Content creators deserve more voices to direct the future of the dapp.

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