Upcoming DGSelf SNS decentralization sale

Hello Community,

We are thrilled to introduce DGSelf, an innovative interoperable avatar platform set to transform the digital identity landscape. DGSelf is a gateway to seamless digital self-representation and ownership across various metaverses, games, and vTubing environments.

Welcome to the Future of Digital Identities!

The digital world is evolving at an unprecedented pace, and with it, the need for versatile and secure digital identities. DGSelf is here to address this need by offering a comprehensive solution for creating, customizing, and managing avatars. Our platform ensures that digital identity is not just another asset but a fully integrated and secure part of online presence.

The Problem

Despite the rapid growth and profitability of the avatar marketplace, many platforms remain entrenched in the limitations of the Web2 ecosystem. These centralized systems can lead to significant issues around control, security, and interoperability of digital identities. As our virtual environments expand, so does the need for a more robust solution that can handle the complexities of digital identity management.

The Market Opportunity

The avatar market has seen remarkable growth in recent years. Consider the following:

  • Fortnite generates over a billion dollars annually, primarily from skin sales.
  • 75% of players would spend more on skins if they had a monetary value outside the game.
  • Users are willing to pay 20% more for cryptocurrency-based skins .

Source: Venturebeat

Furthermore, significant investments in the avatar market underscore its potential:

  • Genies raised $150M on April 12, 2022.
  • Ready Player me raised $56M on Aug 23, 2022.
  • Ready Player me works with 10,000+ developers and has 30M+ addressable player base.

Source: Crunchbase

The market for digital avatars is set to grow significantly, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 50%, greatly surpassing even the popular AI sector’s growth rate. From 2023 ($18 billion) to 2030 ($270 billion), the potential for digital avatars is immense.

Source: Grandviewresearch

Our Solution: DGSelf on ICP Blockchain

DGSelf leverages the cutting-edge capabilities of the ICP blockchain to offer a decentralized platform where:

  • Creators can mint and sell digital assets, such as clothing and accessories for avatars.
  • Consumers can purchase, customize, and securely store their avatars and associated assets fully on-chain.
  • Avatars and assets can be seamlessly utilized across various open metaverses, games, and for vTubing, ensuring true interoperability.

We already have a product proof of concept. Despite ‘Union Avatars’ being newcomers in the avatar industry and having secured $1.5 million in funding, our platform already matches their functionality by allowing users to customize avatars, purchase them with our TEST DGSLF tokens, download .vrm files, and use them in popular metaverses. You can easily test our avatars by dragging and dropping them into 3D environments like www.oncyber.io
Check out the video showcasing these features in this Twitter post

Our Team

Our experienced team is the driving force behind DGSelf:

Roadmap and Future Development

Post the SNS decentralization sale, we plan to utilize the funds to enhance our platform further. A significant focus will be on supporting user-generated content (UGC), a feature proven to increase engagement and valuation. The popularity of UGC in platforms like Roblox and Minecraft highlights its potential. By enabling UGC, we expect to attract a substantial number of creators and users, greatly benefiting the entire ICP ecosystem and promoting mass adoption.

Upcoming DGSelf SNS Decentralization Sale

We are excited to announce the upcoming DGSelf SNS decentralization sale, a key milestone in our journey to revolutionize digital identities. This event presents an incredible opportunity for early adopters and supporters to be part of a groundbreaking project that is poised to redefine how we interact and represent ourselves in digital spaces.

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Call to Action

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” - Mark Twain

We invite you to join us in this exciting venture. Your feedback, questions, and support are invaluable as we continue to develop and refine DGSelf. Participating in the SNS sale means you can grow your investment significantly, with our product set to launch globally at the beginning of 2025.

Let’s shape the future of digital identities together!

Feel free to ask any questions or share your thoughts. We are here to listen and engage with the community.

Best regards,
The DGSelf Team

Check out true metaverse and interoperability in action:

If you missed it, here’s our proof of concept, which is already on par with other avatar platforms funded with millions, like newcomer “Union Avatars” (funded with $1.5 million).
In our POC users can customize avatars, purchase items with TEST “DGSLF” tokens, download .vrm files, and use them in popular metaverses like www.oncyber.io.

Check out the video showcasing these features in this Twitter post

Test it yourself at www.DGSelf.com.