Upcoming BOOM DAO SNS decentralization sale

Hi @icpp, @cyberowl @atomikm

our team has already worked on a C and C++ interface for the Rust Agent Crate. We have completed already this work and can be found here GitHub - Zondax/icp-client-cpp: Internet Computer - Client C/C++
(also listed here Integrating external agents with the IC | Internet Computer)
Here you have a demo video https://youtu.be/wdjql_lmooE


Congratulations BOOM DAO team. We are happy to inform you that BOOM tokens have been added to Sonic Dex.


Congrats Boom DAO on a successful launch! As the retired leader of a global online gaming community i am highly interested in the guild aspect of what you are doing. Guilds are a great way of grouping like minded people and attract players to games they may not otherwise have known about, especially if membership is incentivized. I did this back in the day by negotiating with local business owners for sponsorships. But today blockchain has changed much opening an array of possibilities for incentives that could be utilized. Looking forward to see how this develops. It would be interesting to come out of retirement and reform Alpha Defense Force as one of the first gaming guilds on the IC.


when next proposals related to DEX liquidity?

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Waiting for your Dex Liquidity proposals…

I tried to take initiative to list BOOM DAO on coingecko, but my application was rejected with the below rationale: “No trading activity found. Please resubmit the request for re-evaluation once the token is actively being traded on either a DEX or CEX”. We desperately need liquidity.

That’s the crazy thing about all of these SNSes.

They were meant to provide liquidity, but have actually drained ICP maturity liquidity. At least they’re sucking up ICP to lock in different dapp tokens, as otherwise that ICP would have most likely been sold on exchanges.

There’s just an huge imbalance of supply and demand that hasn’t slowed down even after the initial insider dumps and crash (token inflation & rewards)?

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