Unable to login to NNS and other apps

I’m still waiting for a solution, I’m in touch with the tech team, looking at all this… I feel something went wrong after they updated nns. Anchor I’d 149479.

Hi! I have the same problem when logging in it wants me to use security key by Bluetooth , USB or nfc. My identity anchor is 1148103
Please help🙏

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My friend, did you resolve your issue? I have the same problem😑

Yes resolved, you have the key with you? You can use that key to log in from another device :slight_smile:

I think I might have the same issue - I have tried logging in through my phone which usual uses my face ID but now it is asking to sign in using a security key which doesn’t exist. I can’t use another device as it asks me to log in through my original device first :frowning: Did it resolve for any of you?

I have the same problem. I have tried logging in many times with my iPhone and I always use my Face ID. But from this month on I can not login in with Face ID anymore, it’s asking me to insert and activate my security key and there is no button anywhere.

I would kindly ask someone for assistance or how to resolve this.

Thank you in advance.