Tutorial : Deploy New Token

Tutorial link : Deploy New Token | Internet Computer Home

Hi. I spent a lot of time with this tutorial and several things are wrong with it.

1 - The canister name in the dfx.json file in the step 3 is not the same in the step 5 :
:point_right: “custom-ledger” vs “ledger”

2 - In the step 4 :
For me under debian, the export TOKEN_NAME variable set with double quotes don’t work (like spaces in the variable…). But the main problem is in the arguments. In the “ledger.private.did” file, there no “name” & “symbol” properties. Instead, there are the “token_name” & “token_symbol” properties.

So after considering these changes, the command line below finally works

dfx canister --network ${NETWORK} call ledger symbol