Trouble Issue for motoko : duplicate binding for Proposal in block

The code is here :

the trouble may be triggered by the module:

module Proposal{
  public class Proposal(){}

the errors are as follows :

Ill-typed intermediate code after Desugaring (use -v to see dumped IR):
(unknown location): IR type error [M0000], duplicate binding for Proposal in block
Raised at Ir_def__Check_ir.error.(fun) in file "ir_def/", line 95, characters 30-92
Called from Ir_def__Check_ir.gather_pat.go in file "ir_def/", line 909, characters 8-63
Called from Ir_def__Check_ir.gather_pat in file "ir_def/", line 921, characters 22-42
Called from Ir_def__Check_ir.gather_dec in file "ir_def/", line 1053, characters 13-65
Called from Stdlib__list.fold_left in file "", line 121, characters 24-34
Called from Ir_def__Check_ir.check_exp in file "ir_def/", line 657, characters 16-40
Called from Ir_def__Check_ir.check_dec in file "ir_def/", line 1038, characters 4-21
Called from Stdlib__list.iter in file "", line 110, characters 12-15
Called from Ir_def__Check_ir.check_comp_unit in file "ir_def/", line 1088, characters 4-23
Called from Ir_def__Check_ir.check_prog in file "ir_def/", line 1101, characters 6-28

Thanks for the report and the good minimal reporoducer, I opened an issue at Desugarer collapses binding groups · Issue #2975 · dfinity/motoko · GitHub

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