Training AI with ICP


I have question, could I train an AI with ICP computing power? eg with a canister or so?


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Currently, training ML models on IC would be both challenging and inefficient.

  • challenging: you’d need to run the training inside WASM runtime, while it is possible, my guess the support for that may still be immature, however it’s hard for me to be sure of that, cause I didn’t play with it. (another example)
  • inefficient:
    1. IC offers no first-class support for parallel computation - you’d need to code that from scratch.
    2. there is no way to attach TPU or GPU to IC currently, so all training would have to happen on CPU, which cannot scale too far - you’d maybe be able to train some hello world project (e.g. Iris flower classification), but I’d be surprised if you’d be able to go much further than that.

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