Threshold Key Derivation - Privacy on the IC

Compared to the Schnorr signature, the range of applications for vetKeys is incomparable. Can you prioritize vetKeys?


Hi @andrea , thank you for the insight about the current timeline. VetKeys came up on Thursday during the Decentralized AI Working group call and based on that I wanted to provide the feedback in this thread that there are several DeAI projects interested in using it for their prototypes and products. These are use cases around private training and inference data as well as storing outputs (e.g. user chats with the AI service) with maximum privacy. So vetKeys could be a great enabler here and also a differentiating factor for DeAI on the IC compared to traditional AI services. Please let us know if we can help in any way with the potential prioritization of vetKeys.


We have an internal working group that takes a look at the feedback board every two weeks and we put quite a bit of emphasis on the most-upvoted feature requests (7/10 of the most upvoted requests are in the works or scheduled very soon for work to start).

I just noticed we don’t have vetKeys in the list yet so we don’t get reminded often enough of how much demand there actually is so I went ahead and created a feature request for it: IC Feedback

My hope is that with a fair amount of upvotes on this feature we can get it some more priority.

TLDR: upvote this please :slightly_smiling_face:



Thanks a lot @Severin for making the ticket, and thanks everyone for the upvotes - it helps to keep it front of mind.

Thanks also @patnorris for the use case motivation. Definitely would be good for the output privacy, but we should be careful to remember that it may not be so useful in the training context as we cannot do private computation with vetKeys.

As an update about prioritisation, it’s certain now that threshold Schnorr will happen first (as it is much faster to integrate) and vetKeys will happen after.
I’ll send updates as and when we have them.


Thanks @Severin for pushing this topic forward, many projects are waiting vetKeys to be completely done. I’m just curious, is there a features-list or public roadmap for vetKeys? just to have more clean understanding on feature state, like what is completely done and what has to be done according to the Dfinity vision.

AFAIU the research is done and the preview canister developed, but the implementation has not received much attention yet. From what I heard there is a lot of work left to do, which is also why tSchnorr was put before vetKeys


thanks for the clarification :+1:

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Hey everybody,

If you are interested in leveraging vetKeys in your projects, please fill out this quick survey.

Thank you :pray:


this is definitely an intruguing idea and concept.

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Is this survey still ongoing?

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We’ve evaluated a while ago, but there are still responses incoming and we’ll keep it open for now as new projects are exploring vetKeys.


Hi @ais , I wondered if you might have any news to share on the vetKeys roadmap; do you know when there might be an update available? I’d love to include it in our dApp (and also optimistically have put this into our grant milestones) Thank you :slight_smile:


Word on the street is that the new ICP roadmap will be out this week, keep an eye out for it :eyes:


That’s exciting, will sure do, thanks :slight_smile:

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found it :slight_smile: great that it’s included and really looking forward to it :muscle:


No due date mentioned.

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No specific date, but this is the roadmap for year 4, so it should be safe to expect it within the year.
Schnorr has a date, and vetkeys starts right after that.