Technical Working Group DeAI

Hi all, thank you for the call today. This is the generated summary:

  • Amit from the Elna team introduces his team members and discusses their work on building an AI platform for agents.

  • Various members, including Alex from the Elna team, introduce themselves and their work, focusing on areas like Natural Language Processing and large language models.

  • Technical discussions touch on the development of an on- chain vector DB and the use of retrieval-augmented generation for their platform.

  • The group reflects on previous meetings and ongoing project updates, discussing technical aspects like increasing stable memory and potential GPU canister usage.

  • Technical challenges related to AI agents and the implementation of large language models are discussed, with emphasis on memory limitations and the need for increased instruction limits.

  • Participants seek feedback on technical feasibility and anticipate future developments, including increased memory capacities. It is likely that the heap memory can be increased to 16GiB this year (from 4GiB currently).

  • The conversation shifts to the broader ICP ecosystem, discussing the development and use of AI and machine learning models on-chain.

  • There’s a debate on charging for query calls, considering the implications for users and potential abuse.

  • The need for educational resources for both developers and the general public is highlighted, emphasizing the importance of tutorials and learning materials.

  • The importance of showcasing projects within the ICP ecosystem is discussed, including the idea of a dedicated website for this purpose.

  • SEO concerns for sites hosted on ICP are mentioned, balancing technical showcases with practical deployment considerations.

  • The conversation ends with a mention of developing an image recognition algorithm as an application on the ICP.

Next steps:

Thanks again @jeshli and @icarus for getting these threads going!

Please let us know if you have any ideas, feedback or questions. Looking forward to continuing the conversation!