The State and Direction of Decentralization & Nodes on the Internet Computer

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Hi all, there is an update to the remuneration table to accomodate the latest locations where node machines are going to be set up, i.e. Israel, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia and New Zealand. You can find the additional entries for these countries on the wiki page (see Node Provider Remuneration - Internet Computer Wiki ) and find the proposal here Proposal: 127033 - ICP Dashboard for your voting.


Hello all,

Are you accepting node providers from Pakistan? I am looking to setup nodes there and currently do not see any nodes in that country.




Any information on this? Would like to setup a node in Pakistan when you begin to allow more nodes on the network.



Hi @qwerty ,

Super great that you’re interested. For the time being, what you could do is to register as a node provider already. I suggest following all the steps here.

I would suggest completing everything up to and including milestone 3, step 4.8. You could also do step 4.9 of milestone 3 if you already know what data center you’d like to set up your nodes in!

Thank you for your response. I will go ahead and do those things but I just wanted to make sure that Pakistan is allowed as a country for a node provider. I read somewhere that you will no longer be adding any more entries for country. If that is the case then it wouldn’t make sense for me to proceed if you will not allow a node in Pakistan when the need for more node operators arise.



Hi @qwerty ,

I think the “no new entries for countries” is inline with the fact that no new nodes are allowed to be onboarded for the moment.

But that being said, I believe Pakistan is not listed in the last table on this page. Therefore, one essential step is to make sure to gather enough information on the projects costs: hardware costs, data center colocation costs and connectivity costs.

Once you have this data, you should share it with the community so that it can be added to this table!

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[Incase you missed the announcement on the NP Element/Matrix Chat!!!]

Hey there, Node Providers!

Exciting news alert! :tada: I’ve been in the lab with the cool folks at DFINITY for the past few months, and guess what? We’re thrilled to announce the very first Node Provider ICP Lab! Get ready to mark your calendars because it’s all happening at DFINITY HQ in Zurich from May 13 to 16.

So, what’s this event all about, you ask? Well, NP ICP Lab is your chance to interact not only with your fellow NPs but also with key teams at the foundation.

While the Element chat is great, we’re taking it up a notch by bringing the entire NP ecosystem together! :rocket: Get ready for interactive sessions, tailored presentations, and of course, a lot of networking opportunities! For all the details and registration, check out the landing page.

Don’t worry if you are unable to make it to Zurich. Most sessions will be live-streamed so you can still tune in!

Looking forward to seeing you there! :balloon:



This is a great initiative @louisevelayo and many thanks to Aviate Labs and Dfinity for co-hosting this Lab for Node Providers.
There are plenty of topics for us all to discuss and brainstorm on to improve the Node Provider experience and contributions to the health of the IC platform and community.