The future of ICPCoins

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It’s time to figure out what the future of that app will be.
It was launched a year ago and given to the SNS1 DAO with this proposal
Inside it, we made this declaration:

The plan was, to get the community to engage and make it a valuable destination.
I believe the community on Twitter helped in increasing the popularity of the domain.
We (Anvil) also wrote ‘Anyone is free to offer the DAO and sell it a web3 API canister aggregating that data.’
@nolyoi made a fine frontend contribution.
But nobody wanted to create that web3 backend for the site in order to decentralize the whole app.
We were planning on making the aggregator and selling it to the DAO for some tokens from its treasury, then finishing the decentralization process.
But then the SNS1 takeover happened. I am pretty sure the majority of SNS1 holders were pretty happy to trade a coin stats site for an AA+ game. We are also happy to get a game like Dragginz on the IC and the SNS1.
However, Icpcoins needed a DAO so the app could get updated through proposals and SNS1 is no longer a suitable host - not a DAO.
We’ve made the web3 backend needed for the site to be 100% decentralized
Now we propose to SNS1 ( @borovan ) to return the domain back to us.
If this doesn’t get resolved soon, we can abandon the domain and create another one.
If the domain is returned, when we get to create a dedicated to the app SNS, we will airdrop 10% of the supply (not counting treasury) to SNS1 addresses (minus DEX liquidity pools | Also neurons will need to be converted into usable addresses or removed if impossible).
If you can think of a better solution, let us know.

Our goal with the site is to provide easily digestible information to even those unfamiliar with the IC. Currently (even with the site) the learning curve is too steep. To thoroughly understand IC and SNS DAOs, an investor must meticulously review numerous whitepapers, navigate various websites for extensive documentation, and extract relevant information from blockchain explorers. Before that site, they had to calculate market caps manually. The easier & faster we make this process, the more likely someone will invest/contribute to SNS DAOs. We’ve got a lot of interesting improvements in mind.


I’ll reply when I see more than 2 A’s…

just tell me what to do! sorry ive been deep in rust code and ignore everything else

EDIT: This is why I’ve been confused about this. Do you actually need us to do anything with the SNS? Doesn’t seem like you do. Last time I checked the NNS doesn’t control the internet’s DNS.

If I am actually holding your domain hostage and don’t understand why, I’m happy to listen.

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Yup, what @borovan said, let us know what we need to do to help you guys out.

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That’s true, technically speaking, SNS doesn’t control the domain. But I can’t just go and change it to whatever I want after making a public declaration that gives it to SNS1.

I think this will work. Proposed by team Tohuku

I can make the proposal, but with a ~7500$ rejection cost, I better ask if you will accept it before making it.

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Ok cool I did it. Sorry I thought there was something technical stopping you… didn’t understand the situation.

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Thanks! That will do it

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