The DFINITY Canister Smart Contract SDK, DFX, Is Now Open Source!


Enjoy… but most of all, fork away, play with it. And be kind as you find imperfect code written by mere mortals.

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This is great!

Can I use this also to develop canisters that are either not smart, or not contracts? (SCNR)


lol, I notice there are some changes in motoko-base library, which change canister to canister smart contracts :rofl:

Maybe Dfinityer really likes smart contracts

You’ll find such changes in all repositories. Seems to be a systematic effort. I wonder if they’ll remove the ability to upgrade canisters by the controller, because something that can unilaterally be changed is certainly nothing like a contract. Although, I guess I have recently seen a certain contractual counterparty of mine try to unilaterally reinterpret the terms, so maybe it’s more appropriate for DFINITY to think of canisters as contracts. (End of unrelated rant.)

I can’t believe that the controller function would be removed. If developers don’t want this flexibility, they can set the controller as a black hole address or DAO contract.

Don’t they know how many weird methods are used on Ethereum to ensure the upgradeability of smart contracts?

Reminds me of an ancient legend a long time ago, CODE IS LAW.

I wasn’t serious, of course.