Technical Working Group: Developer Tooling

Hello everyone,

As announced in Announcing Technical Working Groups find here the forum post for
Topic: Developer Tooling
DFINITY lead: @dfx-json
Coordinator: @domwoe
Cadence: Monthly on the first Thursday of every month at 7pm CET
Hope to see you all there!


Hey Everyone, session going on right now

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Hey everybody,

Here is quick overview of the last developer tooling working session and the agenda of the next one:

Working Group Session 7 April

Slides of the working group

  • overview of the SDK team
  • ask for community lead
  • Overview of current roadmap items (see slides 8 till 10)
  • Feedback Q&A

At the end of the meeting the topic for the next call was chosen which was the roadmap item:

Use application subnet type by default (a.k.a how can we mimic mainnet more closely)

The agenda for next session tomorrow on the 5th of May 19:00 CET

  • As we didn’t get any signups for community coordinator we would like to decide on a channel for discussion around the workgroup (discord, telegram, openchat)
  • Discussing the use application subnet type by default roadmap topic (a.k.a how can we mimic mainnet more closely)
  • Roman Kashitsyn will do a technical deep dive on the application subnet internals
  • We’ll discuss the agenda for the next call

If you’d like to leave your opinion on what should be the topic for future workgroups even though you can’t be present please fill out the following form

I hope to see you all the next one!


The Calendar links (like the Google Calendar links in my personal account) don’t seem to be working anymore. This happened with another working group to me and at least one other person as well.

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Can you share any meeting notes or slides when you can? Thanks!

Hey @jzxchiang

Will post the slides and notes early next week!

@lastmjs yes the zoomlink / event sadly had to be changed. You can always find the latest calendar here

Hey Everybody,

here are the notes from the last developer tooling workshop:

Topic: SDK configuration

  • developers would like to be able to configure parameters in dfx like:

  • E.g Cycles limit per message, Wasm binary size, instruction costs, message size

  • Reasons:

  • Run tests suites in a canister without reaching limits

  • Useful for research into changing these parameters on main net

  • Useful for research into potential different subnets

Topic: preinstalled important canisters like II, NNS, Ledger canister

  • developers would like easier ways to install these important canisters
  • Disagreements on whether people would like this through dfx.json file or with a dfx command (feel free to leave your opinion on this!)

Topic: choosing a way to chat in between these calls.

  • I will try to set up a discord channel in the the DFINITY devs discord

I hope to all see you on the next one!


Do you mean the DFINITY Dev discord?

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Hey Paul,

I did! thank you for noticing I updated the post.

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Another useful feature is a way to pass canister constructor arguments in dfx.json, so we can simply run dfx deploy without needing --argument.

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+10000000 e8s ** e8s

Hey everyone,

The discord channels for the technical working groups went live in the DFINITY DEV OFFICIAL discord! For this one see the section WORKING-GROUPS > developer-tooling.


This would be a great flag for dfx

Hey everyone,

For the session tomorrow we don’t have any topics from the foundation’s side. Are there any topics you as a community would like to bring in?

Giving the developer discord #developer-tooling channel some love - posted a few ideas there.

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