Take a break, enjoy some poetry 😂

Recently I saw actors tryna change protocol without having a clear documentation about their message. Before you propose something have research at hand, something you can prove that can be studied and corrected if needed. This my response to reckless economist….

Stop it! This not a mob we follow rulez to the leterrzzz
Free speech got Kanye drivin streetz crazzzzz
Forum actorzz showing colorezz like African dicktatorzzz
Callin out corrupt leaderzzz & sell outzz investozzz agin backwardzzzz

Got the blue printzz, in America I feel like Jay zeee
Still Repping Africa coz that’s what raised meeeee
Mercy program 4 projectzzz, they didn’t wanna face meee
Can’t phase mee, billion dollar dreeemz can’t be lazyeeee

Co-rporation bridges alliance thiszzz real life in the streetxzzz
Pro black not anti white we all win in this maizzz
rule no 1 to get to cannan u gotta pay ua taxxezzz
fluent with miss univerzze I’m talking about mathematiczzzz. Stop it!

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