Tackling CertifiedData in Motoko

See the CDDL spec. CBOR tags, arrays, records and bytes.

Oh, right, you still need to validate the signature. That would require an implementation of BLS. Probably not fun in pure Motoko… maybe we should bet on developer-accessible FFI.

Thank you for the link!

FFI means being able to reference and call rust functions from our motoko code right? That would be game-changing.

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I am building a proof of concept Motoko canister that serves a dynamic HTTP asset and certifies it, including CBOR encoding etc.:

Code at https://github.com/nomeata/motoko-certified-http

It’s still buggy (https://ce7vw-haaaa-aaaai-aanva-cai.ic0.app/ doesn’t work) and I am out of time for today; I’ll create a new post once it actually works. But at least it works already on https://ce7vw-haaaa-aaaai-aanva-cai.raw.ic0.app/.

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Works now, see Certified Assets from Motoko (PoC/Tutorial)