Certified Assets from Motoko (PoC/Tutorial)

Every now and then someone asks whether Motoko canisters can use certified variables, or whether they can serve HTTP requests with certification, and I always responded that yes, Motoko can do that, all that’s missing are a few libraries. But I figured I should put my hand where my mouth is, and actually demonstrate that it’s possible.

So here we go. If you go to https://ce7vw-haaaa-aaaai-aanva-cai.ic0.app/ you will see that

To prove the latter claim, here is the commented code; you can also browse the full repository.

Actually, the code is not here, because of this annoying 403 bug of the forum where after carefully editing and formatting the post, it says I can’t post it. Too many URLs maybe? :frowning: So unfortunately, you’ll have to go to https://gist.github.com/nomeata/f325fcd2a6692df06e38adedf9ca1877 to read it.


Oh, even nicer: This file can be loaded into Motoko Playground! So if you go to Motoko Playground - DFINITY you can click Deploy, and see it in action! You’ll have to take the canister it reported by Motoko Playground and construct the .ic0.app URL from it. And certification will fail until you send a message (most easily done directly from Motoko Playground) or upgrade the canister.