t-ECDSA problem

Hi dfinity team, for chain key technology, now we can get the public key by “ecdsa_public_key” interface, so my question is: If I want to sign a canister that only belongs to myself, can I get the private key through different nodes?

I am not sure I understood your question, but ecdsa_public_key returns the public key of your own canister. There is no way of getting any private keys through any nodes. The private key is split across all nodes of the ECDSA subnet and all signatures requested by your canister are signed by these nodes in collaboration, which is the whole point of that feature.

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thanks, christian, that’s what I want to know about ecdsa_public_key.
so the amount of subnet nodes can secure the safety of t-ecdsa signatures, right?

Correct, no single node can sign anything for your canister. Whatever signature your canister requests, it will be signed by the whole subnet or it will not be signed at all.