Supporting DeFi Innovation on ICP

We’re at the dawn of a DeFi boom, and as a leading DEX on ICP, our passion lies in creating fantastic DeFi products. While we relish this aspect of our work, various constraints prevent us from developing everything we envision. However, we’re more than willing to support those who can create these amazing products, ones that assist users in identifying tokens and facilitate efficient trading. Here’s a list of the products we’d like to see developed on ICP to support the flourishing DeFi ecosystem.

Token Trust Scanner

Create a website capable of scanning ICRC tokens and offering users valuable data insights. Develop a comprehensive ICRC token data analysis platform. This platform will offer users valuable insights into ICRC tokens, including information related to community trust, governance strength, and trading constraints. The goal is to empower traders with transparent and easily accessible data for making informed decisions about tokens.

Features and Functionality:

  1. Create an intuitive web interface allowing users to input ICRC token addresses for analysis.
  2. Develop scripts or APIs to fetch real-time data from blockchain sources, including token contract details and transaction history.
  3. Implement algorithms and logic for analyzing data based on specified parameters, such as Twitter activity, governance strength, and trading constraints.
  4. Integrate with the Twitter API to monitor and display data related to token Twitter accounts.
  5. Include a feedback system for users to report inaccuracies or issues with the data.
  6. Implement robust security measures to protect user data and privacy.
  7. Design the platform to handle increased user demand and data processing requirements.
  8. Set up mechanisms for ongoing data monitoring, especially for parameters subject to change over time.

Portfolio Management Tools

Develop a user-friendly dashboard that provides an overview of a user’s entire portfolio. The dashboard should display key metrics such as total portfolio value, asset allocation, historical performance, and current positions.

  1. Asset Tracking: Enable users to input and track assets from various blockchains, not limited to just the ICP chain. This ensures that users can manage their entire crypto portfolio in one place.

  2. Real-Time Price Alerts: Allow users to set price alerts for specific assets. When the price of an asset reaches a predefined threshold, the platform can send notifications, enabling users to make timely trading decisions.

Blockchain Quiz Game dApp:

Develop an engaging quiz game dApp that rewards users with tokens for correctly answering questions related to various topics. The game should be both entertaining and educational.

Features and Functionality:

  1. Users can create accounts or connect their cryptocurrency wallets to participate in the quiz game.
  2. Offer a variety of quiz categories, such as general knowledge, blockchain, history, or pop culture.
  3. Build a database of questions with correct answers and corresponding token rewards.
  4. Users can select a quiz category and answer a series of timed questions. Correct answers earn them tokens, while incorrect answers result in deductions.
  5. Display a leaderboard that ranks players based on their scores and token earnings.
  6. Award tokens to players in real-time as they progress through the quiz. Tokens can be transferred to the user’s wallet within the dApp.
  7. Offer different difficulty levels for questions to cater to a wide range of players.
  8. Create time-limited quiz challenges with higher token rewards for added excitement.
  9. Implement an in-game currency that users can earn and spend on hints or power-ups.
  10. Enable users to track their quiz performance, review correct answers, and see their overall progress.

We’re always open to more ideas and suggestions. Sonic is committed to backing any DeFi developments on ICP, whether through Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool (LBP) mechanisms or seed funding. Your innovative thoughts are valuable to us.


Hey Dude - 221Bravo.App already covers a lot of ICRC tokens and breaks down balances, recent transactions and even maps these in visual maps. We’re working on a complete re-vamp of the app to make it even easier to explore accounts.

We’ve been here since genesis and are happy to work with OG ICP projects :smiley:


It does but it’s not intuitive and user friendly yet but it has been improving. $ICP need a comprehensive blockchain similar to Ethereum. We need tools like dexscreener,, and so on. DeFi need to be fully transparent on the IC meaning that I can explore every single contract and addresses and their history.


Agreed. We are working on that and refining our pmf. The biggest issue we face is that standards are all over the place. You’re not just making a blockchain explorer for a single data source - you’ve got to read multiple ledgers each with slightly different interfaces/ standards and fetch data from dexs who each have different standards on data.

We’re on our 3rd re-build of the backend and our frontend will need a full re-build as well.

Its going to be a lot of work but the resuts should be worth it :grinning:

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