Subarray not in array module anymore?

Is there a reason why subarray isnt in the array base module anymore? And does anyone have a good method of how that was implemented? I have a method but idk it seems to eat lots of cycles.

Seems to still be there?

Heres the error

Heres the code

I’m using dfx 13.1. Is it just mine?

I did something in my package-set. Could this be causing it?

Well I’ll leave this open as its not fully solved in terms of still being missing from my array module but thanks you helped me figured out my issue internally, I was able to just copy the prim code instead from the github code.

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It looks like Array.subArray was added in 0.8.4, so it should be possible to fix this by switching to a more recent base library version in your package-set. If you’re using dfx 0.14.1, the corresponding version tag is moc-0.8.8.

Hope this helps!