Sns proposal template

Is there somewhere a template provided for Sns proposal?

By this I mean the a template for the text of a CreateServiceNervousSystem proposal akin for example to the template provided on the wiki for motion proposal.

# Example Motion Project Proposal

## 1. Objective
Lorem Ipsum

## 2. Background
Lorem Ipsum

## 3. Why this is important
Lorem Ipsum

## 4. Pros
Lorem Ipsum

## 5. Cons
Lorem Ipsum

## 6. Key milestones (if any)
Lorem Ipsum

## 7. Discussion leads (if any)
Alice, Bob, etc...

## 8. Security concerns (if any)
Lorem Ipsum

## 11. What is asked of the community

* Review comments, ask questions, give feedback

* Vote accept or reject on NNS Motion

Developer forum:

I am not aware of a template.
There is however the SNS documentation, which includes recommendation what information should be contained in such a proposal - for example here in the checklist.

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Thanks, Lara. I’m integrating support for the SNS proposal to That’s why a template would have been handy—so I can save time building one myself. There are none, well noted.

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@peterparker it may not be exactly what you’re looking for, but sns-testing’s example sns_inti.yaml may be helpful. Additional documentation for the proposal type itself is available in the proto definition.

Thanks for the links Andre, appreciated. That isn’t exactly what I were looking for here. I was rather searching for a template for the content of the proposal (see screenshot) but, I understand that each SNS proposal are different from each other and do not have to follow a template of structure such as motion. Not a blocker, just good to know the answer.

I see, sorry for misunderstanding!

No worries at all! The proto link might particularly be useful one of those days.