SNS Aggregator Candid Missing

When in docker, running the sns-testing repo, I get this:

Do I need to add this?

@jamesbeadle I’m looking into this as well as other sns-testing related issues, I’ll let you know when there’s an update


@jamesbeadle I wasn’t able to reproduce this issue. However I just updated sns-testing to fix another of other issues, and it’s possible that this was downstream of one of those. Could you try pulling main and trying the instructions again? (including ./ as the version of DFX used has changed)

Same error

when running

I believe what’s happening here is you’re running dfx deploy --network=local, trying to deploy your OpenFPL canister, from inside the sns-testing container. The result is that it’s trying to deploy the test canister and it’s failing because you haven’t run ./

The easiest way to get out of this is to just do the sns-testing stuff outside the docker container. This will allow you to use your existing development environment to deploy your dapp canister. I haven’t tested these steps, but they should be approximately correct.

Step 1 (get sns testing):

git clone # clone sns-testing
cd sns-testing

Step 3 (in a new terminal in the sns-testing directory)

mkdir -p "$(dirname "${DX_NET_JSON}")"
cp "$DX_NET_JSON" "${DX_NET_JSON}.tmp" 2>/dev/null  # save original config if present
echo '{
   "local": {
      "bind": "",
      "type": "ephemeral",
      "replica": {
         "subnet_type": "system",
         "port": 8000
}' > "${DX_NET_JSON}"
./bin/dfx start --clean; \
mv "${DX_NET_JSON}.tmp" "$DX_NET_JSON" 2>/dev/null  # restore original config if it was present

You may have to write this to a file in the sns-testing directory and then run the file

Step 5: In the other terminal, set the icp-xdr rate

./ 10000

Step 4: Deploy your canisters and make a note of the canister IDs

Step 5: Edit the sns_init.yaml file in sns-testing to your liking, and make sure your canister IDs are listed under dapp_canisters

Step 6: Deploy the SNS and participate



Step 7: Check http://qsgjb-riaaa-aaaaa-aaaga-cai.localhost:8080/ and see your project

If you make SNS proposals, you can get the neurons that participated to vote on them with this command:

./ \
    61 `# Simulate this number of SNS users' votes. TODO: determine the smallest possible value that will work here` \
    2  `# Proposal ID` \
    y  `# Vote to adopt this proposal`

You may also need to install yq and bc

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Hi Andre,

Many thanks for your time earlier this evening.

The command for installing yq and bc were:

  • snap install yq
  • sudo apt install bc

The steps outlined above successful deployed OpenFPL in it’s post sns state.


Hey I have an error following this.

So I have the local network setup

But when I run