SNEED DAO & BITCORN labs presents: Sneed Defi, a sns dao framework for defi on the IC

Special thanks to: @Sneed @corntoshi @ICPSwap for all the documentation and help.

Currently, sneed dao’s defi cansiter ok64y-uiaaa-aaaag-qdcbq-cai controls and Holds significant LP and token positions (around 600,000 usd in assets). With the release of sneed defi, the dao can now directly interact with ICPSWAPS api and controll Liquidity positions, send and receive icrc tokens, and claim lp fees all via dao proposal.

SneedLock (a contribution by Bitcorn Labs to Sneed DAO) is a proposed dapp which will enable SneedDefi to interact with its tokens and positions (transfer, claim fees, etc.), interact with the Sneed DAO treasury, as well as the ICPSwap liquidity infrastructure. For example, LP rewards can directly flow back to the Sneed DAO treasury.

The git repository can be found below.

The SneedLock dapp is envisioned to fill a current void present in the ICP ecosystem. Not limited to Sneed DAO, it enables ANY interested project on ICP to lock LP positions through Sneed DAO, ensuring LP safety and robustness, secured by the SNS DAO infrastructure, concomitantly allowing for DeFi DEX interactions.

As a follow up, if testing proves successful, a frontend dapp (as part of Sneed DAO) will then be engineered to offer SneedLock functions to the whole ICP ecosystem.

In short, SneedLock functionality:

  1. any community project can lock contract and LP position with SneedLock (application: ‘rug-proof LPs’, ‘honeypot-proof’ contracts, trust and safety for the ICP comunity)
  2. Sneed DAO can accumulate/control a variety of community projects on ICP and manage positions through DAO proposals (application working title: ‘SneedBag’, a collection of ICP community tokens managed by Sneed DAO)
  3. LP rewards management through Sneed DAO: through interacting with the ICPSwap DeFi infrastructure rewards can flow directly to a treasury for holder distribution (application: first step in the realization of the envisioned RLL Sneed DAO dapp)

We are hoping other daos can take this code, improve it and maybe begin to utilize the sns in earnest as a defi tool in it of itself.

We hope @dominicwilliams can take a look at the repo and let us know his thoughts on how these types of registered functions can affect the sns and it’s growth long term.

Thank you.


We have deployed a test canister, and this is the candid display

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There are still some function registrations that need to occur to the various canisters. That information can be found in the readme on the git.

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We deployed the code to a sample cansiter, and found some errors and updated the repository.

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Here is the most current repo

And here is a candid interface:

Soon we will send the test canister a liquidity position.