Sharing our Node Monitor - tool for Node Providers (and others)

Hi everyone :wave: I’m Roald, I originally set up the IC nodes for Allusion with @quint. Over the past 2 years, we’ve been growing a team to maintain the nodes and build IC dev packages. Today we have something to share & are asking the community for feedback.

About Node Monitor

We constructed this node monitor to notify our Datacenter Standy Team (DST) about any outages & unusual behavior. Comes in handy as we monitor 3 datacenters and 70 nodes.

This V1 of Node Monitor only uses the public IC API (V2) & requires its own email to be set up. Take note that it does not run on IC (yet). This monitor came to be with the coding from @georgemourginakis and the input from Louise (DST).

You can find the Github repo here: GitHub - aviate-labs/node-monitor

To the community:

All feedback is welcome to make this run as a stable monitoring service, being publicly available and/or soon integrated into the IC dashboard.

  • what other features would you like to see? (as node provider or other)
  • would a hosted service (where you simply drop your email) be of any interest to you?
  • what else would you like to know about our experience managing nodes?

Aviate labs is committed to sharing the perspective of node providers with the IC community and beyond, as we believe it’s an essential part of our network, and it’s fundamental to our networks’ strength. Let’s start with sharing our Node Monitor (V1) and kick off this conversation!


Hi everyone, thanks for checking out Node Monitor. We’ve been building it for the past couple months and would like to open-source it to better enable the community here. It’s a pretty simple python package, and is configurable with a settings.json file. It does not need any knowledge of python or programming to be able to be run. All the operation instructions are contained within the readme and it should run out of the box once provided with an email and password for an email service.

We would love feedback and possibly even contributions from the community. We aim to make this software as helpful as possible, and we encourage improvements. Thanks a lot!