Setup Internet identity locally failed - MacBook M1


I want to set up the Internet identity locally on my machine, MacBook Pro 13" with Apple Silicon Chip, but the compilation errors out with:

Error: error: failed to add native library /var/folders/c7/v1x0y5p13sb4h4b19sbv8ds40000gn/T/cargo-installXbPkC0/release/build/wabt-sys-0c5d3f90b9057634/out/build/libwabt.a: file too small to be an archive

Steps I did:

  • git clone [email protected]:dfinity/internet-identity.git
  • npm install
  • dfx start [–clean] [–background]

This command fails with the message above:
II_ENV=development dfx deploy --no-wallet --argument ‘(null)’

Does anybody have experience with the internet identity on a MacBook M1

Note: I guess this is already known? Error Compiling on Mac M1 - 'could not compile wabt-sys' · Issue #381 · dfinity/internet-identity · GitHub

Thanks in advance :slightly_smiling_face: