Services won't deserialize properly if functions aren't in alphabetical order

I have a the following canister:

    UnsortedService : {
        "b" : ic_cdk::export::candid::func!(() -> (bool) query);
        "a" : ic_cdk::export::candid::func!(() -> (bool) query)

    SortedService : {
        "a" : ic_cdk::export::candid::func!(() -> (bool) query);
        "b" : ic_cdk::export::candid::func!(() -> (bool) query)

fn check_sorted_service(service: SortedService) -> SortedService {

fn check_unsorted_service(service: UnsortedService) -> UnsortedService {

There are two services defined. One that has the functions in alphabetical order and one out of order.
I have one function for each of these services that simple takes the corresponding service as a parameter and returns it.
Everything is compiling fine, but when I try to call check_unsorted_service

dcc service_canister check_unsorted_service '(service "r7inp-6aaaa-aaaaa-aaabq-cai")'

I get the following error:

Error deserializing blob 0x4449444c0269020162010161016a00017e01010100010a00000000000000030101
Error: Failed to deserialize idl blob: Invalid data.
Caused by: Failed to deserialize idl blob: Invalid data.
  Cannot parse header 4449444c0269020162010161016a00017e01010100010a00000000000000030101
    Invalid table entry 0: Service(ServType { len: 2, meths: [Meths { len: 1, name: "b", ty: IndexType { index: 1 } }, Meths { len: 1, name: "a", ty: IndexType { index: 1 } }] })
      method name a duplicate or not sorted

If I call the other method it works just fine

$ dcc service_canister check_sorted_service '(service "r7inp-6aaaa-aaaaa-aaabq-cai")'

(service "r7inp-6aaaa-aaaaa-aaabq-cai")

The other canister looks like this

fn a() -> bool {
    return true;

fn b() -> bool {
    return false

Any thoughts on why this is happening?

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I am seeing this on both DFX 0.13.1 and 0.14.1
Here are my dependencies

candid = "=0.9.0-beta.3"
ic-cdk = "=0.8.0-beta.0"
ic-cdk-macros = "0.6.10"
serde = "1.0.137"
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Thanks for reporting this. This is a bug, I will fix it. The macro expansion should sort the methods.


Thank you for looking into it!

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Awesome thanks! Good luck

Is there an issue or PR for this?

I found this merged PR: sort define_service by chenyan-dfinity · Pull Request #441 · dfinity/candid · GitHub.

Recent released candid should include the fix.

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Do you know if dfx has this fix integrated yet?

We are running into this issue again, we’re still debugging, but it seems like the problem is arising from dfx itself when trying to deserialize a Candid service that we return from an Azle canister.

Is it possible the dfx dependencies haven’t been updated to include this fix?

Here’s the error:

$ dfx canister call service serviceParam '(service "aaaaa-aa")'Error deserializing blob 0x4449444c036a000171006a00017e01016902077570646174653100067175657279310101020100Error: Failed to deserialize idl blob: Invalid data.Caused by: Failed to deserialize idl blob: Invalid data.  Cannot parse header 4449444c036a000171006a00017e01016902077570646174653100067175657279310101020100    Invalid table entry 2: Service(ServType { len: 2, meths: [Meths { len: 7, name: "update1", ty: IndexType { index: 0 } }, Meths { len: 6, name: "query1", ty: IndexType { index: 1 } }] })      method name query1 duplicate or not sorted

Here’s a slightly simplified version of the Azle method that was called:

class extends Service {
    @query([], bool)
    query1(): bool {
        return true;

    @update([], text)
    update1(): text {
        return 'SomeService update1';

@query([SomeService], SomeService)
serviceParam(someService: SomeService): SomeService {
    return someService;

I’m thinking this is a problem with @dfinity/candid, I think the same fix for candid in Rust needs to be done for @dfinity/candid. @kpeacock

It is indeed a problem in @dfinity/candid. Debugging we found a quick fix. Notice we changed the sort function in the constructor:

export class ServiceClass extends ConstructType {
    constructor(fields) {
        // this._fields = Object.entries(fields).sort((a, b) => idlLabelToId(a[0]) - idlLabelToId(b[0]));
        this._fields = Object.entries(fields).sort((a, b) => {
            if (a[0] < b[0]) {
                return -1;

            if (a[0] > b[0]) {
                return 1;

            return 0;
    accept(v, d) {
        return v.visitService(this, d);
    covariant(x) {
        if (x && x._isPrincipal)
            return true;
        throw new Error(`Invalid ${this.display()} argument: ${toReadableString(x)}`);
    encodeValue(x) {
        const buf = x.toUint8Array();
        const len = lebEncode(buf.length);
        return concat(new Uint8Array([1]), len, buf);
    _buildTypeTableImpl(T) {
        this._fields.forEach(([_, func]) => func.buildTypeTable(T));
        const opCode = slebEncode(-23 /* IDLTypeIds.Service */);
        const len = lebEncode(this._fields.length);
        const meths =[label, func]) => {
            const labelBuf = new TextEncoder().encode(label);
            const labelLen = lebEncode(labelBuf.length);
            return concat(labelLen, labelBuf, func.encodeType(T));
        T.add(this, concat(opCode, len, ...meths));
    decodeValue(b) {
        return decodePrincipalId(b);
    get name() {
        const fields =[key, value]) => key + ':' +;
        return `service {${fields.join('; ')}}`;
    valueToString(x) {
        return `service "${x.toText()}"`;

You are right. That’s a bug on the agent-js side. The sorting function should be alphabet, not based on the IDL hash.

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Do you have an ETA on when this bug could be fixed? We’re trying to decide if we should maintain a fork or not.

There’s a similar issue in @dfinity/agent v0.19.3.

Update: Looks like a fix was recently merged so the JS agent part should be resolved in the next release

See fix: service ordering must be alphabetical by lastmjs · Pull Request #781 · dfinity/agent-js · GitHub