Seeking Development partners: A utility to boost adoption of IC radically!

Greetings all! My name is Gregory Walker, founder and director of Khepera Sustainability Cooperative Association. What are we about at Khepera?
Sanitation Microfarming ™️ Proved By Cryptography! I am in the process of patenting a device that bio-transforms human toilet waste into valuable products worth billions. We seek experienced Internet Computer developers to assist in creating the blockchain system to monitor and maintain as well as produce our very own Khepera coin on the IC. Imagine the 4 billion people in the developing word who need sanitation signing up via the Internet Computer to access the device, get the service and get paid. Here are a couple of info graphics to give you a sense of how epic our project is. Be advised we have decided to switch from the Cardano system to the Internet Computer and the updated info graphics are quickly forthcoming:

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