Rust Stable Structures version 2 Demo Request

I was watching the September 27 Global R&D presentation, plenty of great stuff there, but the one that stood out for me was the demo of version 2 of Rust Stable Structures!

First thanks go to @ielashi for greatly improving the functionality of this feature, I attach the summary slide he showed below:

As you will notice it is a huge and positive change in the BTreeMap implementation. However, as he was presenting and doing the actual demo he lost his Internet connection, and the demo abruptly ended.

Could the folks at DFINITY either let him present this again, or could you please @ielashi write a detailed article that covers the demo portion of your talk. It is a new great feature, and your explanation of the whole stable structures concept was excellent.

Thanks and have a great weekend everyone!


Hey @josephgranata!

I’m sorry I just noticed your message. It’s unfortunate that I had connectivity issues towards the end of the demo. Here are some material that can help:

  1. The assets example. This example showcases using unbounded types in BTreeMap.
  2. The schema upgrades tutorial, which showcases how you can upgrade your schema in the canister.

Hope this helps and don’t hesitate to ask any questions.


Thanks a lot @ielashi much appreciated!

We are using stable structures and Rust, it’s quite powerful and useful.