Rust re-encryption server possible?

So right now we’re hosting a NuCypher re-encryption server on AWS, using the NuCypher network would be more decentralized, but as we can’t read into the data it’s not a problem and this way it’s a lot faster with a bit more flexibility, only problem is when our server goes down and users need to re-grant access to their data to the right people.

So putting this on ICP would be a lot better, would it be possible? It’s just a Rust server:

We specifically run the Javascript binding one with Node.js for API calls rust-umbral/umbral-pre-wasm at master · nucypher/rust-umbral · GitHub

We’re also using Ethers.js, so if this isn’t possible we can do it completely in Rust with GitHub - tomusdrw/rust-web3: Ethereum JSON-RPC multi-transport client. Rust implementation of web3 library. instead of ethers.js.

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