Rust equivalent for Motoko's `ignore`

Hi, in motoko, if we perform a cross-canister call and don’t want the await call to block execution, we can use ignore:


Is there any method in Rust to achieve the same thing?

In Rust or Motoko you can do let _ = …; to achieve the same thing.

I’m pretty sure all of these approaches, including ignore, just discard the result and don’t change anything about whether something is blocking or not.

Oh sorry, I think I put it wrong.
In motoko we can do cross-canister call without the await in front of the call, the request will be sent and the execution is not blocked:

await; // wait for result; // don't wait for result, the request is sent

in rust we have to add .await, if not, the request is not sent, but if we have .await then it blocks the execution. I was wondering if we can do the same in rust, send the request but do not wait for result. (correct me if I’m wrong :pray:)


I think you’re looking for ic_cdk::spawn


thank you! I’ll have a try.