Rust defi example is not working properly?

I am following this ICP ledger local setup | Internet Computer and i am using examples/rust/defi at master · dfinity/examples · GitHub and when I ran make install I got

Error: Failed while trying to build all canisters.
Caused by: Failed while trying to build all canisters.
  The build step failed for canister 'be2us-64aaa-aaaaa-qaabq-cai' (AkitaDIP20) with an embedded error: Failed to build Motoko canister 'AkitaDIP20'.: Failed to compile Motoko.: Failed to run 'moc'.: The command '"/Users/ahmed/.cache/dfinity/versions/0.14.1/moc" "/Users/ahmed/Desktop/examples/rust/defi/src/DIP20/motoko/src/" "-o" "/Users/ahmed/Desktop/examples/rust/defi/.dfx/local/canisters/AkitaDIP20/AkitaDIP20.wasm" "-c" "--debug" "--idl" "--stable-types" "--public-metadata" "candid:service" "--public-metadata" "candid:args" "--actor-idl" "/Users/ahmed/Desktop/examples/rust/defi/.dfx/local/canisters/idl/" "--actor-alias" "AkitaDIP20" "be2us-64aaa-aaaaa-qaabq-cai" "--actor-alias" "GoldenDIP20" "br5f7-7uaaa-aaaaa-qaaca-cai" "--actor-alias" "ledger" "bkyz2-fmaaa-aaaaa-qaaaq-cai" "--package" "base" "/Users/ahmed/.cache/dfinity/versions/0.14.1/base"' failed with exit status 'exit status: 1'.

/Users/ahmed/Desktop/examples/rust/defi/src/DIP20/motoko/src/ No such file or directory

I also replaced src/ledger/ledger.did and src/ledger/ledger.wasm with the ones that I got from ]here](ICP ledger local setup | Internet Computer)

Now I am getting another error related to calling dfx deploy ledger --argument '(record it says failed to decode call arguments: Custom(Fail to decode argument 0 from


Also how the command should be?

dfx deploy ledger --argument "(record {
minting_account = \"${MINT_ACC}\";
  initial_values = vec { record { \"${LEDGER_ACC}\"; record { e8s = 100_000_000_000 } } };
  transaction_window = ????;
  max_message_size_bytes = ???;
  archive_options = ???;
  send_whitelist = ??;

The first error could be because you didn’t fetch submodules. Can you try git submodule update --init?

I’m looking into the second error. It’s discussed over here: Problem insalling Internet Identity in Local Setup

I’m struggling to reproduce the second error. Do you have clearer instructions how to reproduce? You can also put URLs into the wasm and candid fields in dfx.json

I got the deployment argument to work with --argument "(variant {Init = record {minting_account = record {owner = principal \"aaaaa-aa\"}; initial_balances = vec {};token_symbol=\"arst\"; send_whitelist = vec {}; transfer_fee=1920193; metadata = vec {}; archive_options = record {num_blocks_to_archive = 98274; trigger_threshold = 2984; controller_id = principal \"aaaaa-aa\"}; token_name = \"areist\"}})". I just got the types right, I didn’t check for any reasonable logic since I was just testing installation