Run a local replica without dfx

How can I install and run a local replica without dfx?

For example:

  • Where can I download a replica? Should I download the source code and build it or there is a pre-bundled replica ready for local use?
  • How do I start the replica locally? It needs a script and parameters or it’s just a binary that needs to run?

Is there any documentation available for this?

The best I can offer for downloading all the binaries I’ll mention is the file that configures where dfx downloads its binaries: sdk/nix/sources.json at master · dfinity/sdk · GitHub. Building the replica is a bit much, just have a look at the instructions in the release forum posts.

I’m just going off the top of my head, so I’m sure I’m missing some steps here, but here’s what you need:

  • The replica of course
  • ic-starter, which is the binary that launches replica
  • canister-sandbox and canister-sandbox-launcher
  • If you want to use outcalls or btc: https-outcalls-adapter or bitcoin-adapter
  • most likely you want icx-proxy to hook in front of the replica

As for how to run these I’d start by trying all the binaries with --help

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Thanks a lot Severin!

Where can I find the source code of those projects?

Update for those I had a look: