Rosetta Api - Limit on data?


Two quick questions relating to Rosetta Api.

  1. I’ve been running a Javascript file on my PC to call Rosetta Api (via axios) and it all seems to work well. However when I ask for all transactions from a large account it will only return 10,000 transactions. Is this a data-limit per call on Rosetta or is it likely a local code issue? If it is a data limit is there any way round this?

  2. If the same code was running in a mainnet IC canister - would it still need to call Rosetta Api to get all transactions from X account… or can it call the ledger canister directly?

Thanks in advance!


A third question… does anyone know how large (Mb) the Archive and ledger canisters are?



Hi @NS01,

  1. Indeed there is an upper limit of 10000 on the amount of blocks you can retrieve in a single search (the limit will be reduced to 10k even if you specify an higher value). You can get all the transactions by using the offset parameter and issuing several queries though.

  2. You won’t use Rosetta for interacting with the ledger canister from the IC. In fact you can always interact directly with the ledger canister. Rosetta is provided to facilitate integration but not required.

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