Reward weight for NNS proposals on the topic “SNS & Community Fund”


  • The NNS applies a reward weight of 20 for Governance proposals to incentive participation.
  • Currently all other topics have a lower reward weight: The Exchange rate topic has a weight of 0.01 and all other topics have a reward weight of 1.

Proposed change

  • It is suggested that the NNS also applies a reward weight of 20 for the topic “SNS & Community Fund”, aligning the incentives for participation on this topic with that of the topic “Governance”.
  • This is because “SNS & Community Fund” and “Governance” seem to be similar topics in nature, given that these topics focus on discussion & review in the forum.
  • This change would foster active engagement of the community on SNS proposals, which is of high importance for the NNS. Voters could engage in assessments like the degree to which a SNS would be decentralized or the suggested contribution of the NNS community fund.

Next steps

  • The implementation effort for this change would be low (essentially adjusting one line of code & updating test cases).
  • Given that there are several projects planning to launch an SNS soon, it is suggested to implement this change still in Q2’23.