Replica Error msg, duplicate query stats. Unrecognised BUG, payload builder

I am receiving an error message from the replica, it actually do not stop, or break the runtime itself. but i currently don’t understand where is this message originated. As far as i researched there is no information regarding this issue.

The message is “randomly received” and i don’t have any replicable action to trigger it.

May 14 09:16:19.685 ERRO s:cjm4l-4w6wd-aprax-uxkeh-sylz6-hhvoa-gkupz-f64cf-4jxzg-lnya2-eqe/n:qb5nl-6osx4-p6swx-jiujt-3sehw-gzc6q-4sa5d-2tl7u-7qsss-f5et6-hae/ic_query_stats/state_machine Received duplicate query stats for canister bnz7o-iuaaa-aaaaa-qaaaa-cai from same proposer qb5nl-6osx4-p6swx-jiujt-3sehw-gzc6q-4sa5d-2tl7u-7qsss-f5et6-hae.This is a bug, possibly in the payload builder.

dfx deploy runs perfectly. either locally or mainnet.

has anyone else reached this message??
have a good day!

I’ve encountered this regularly myself. The team is aware and said there should be nothing broken for dfx users (besides the message appearing of course). AFAIK a fix is either already completed or in the works

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Great Thx, i was a bit worried about the idea of not proper handling a bug besides no faulty behaviour encountered.