Release of my Dfinity library for C# Blazor developers

As part of the work on my grant for SkyDocs, I created a Dfinity library/SDK for C# and Blazor developers.
They can use this project to integrate login with Internet Identity into their projects. It also has a storage canister and bindings so that you can store your data from your C# Blazor app.

Check it out:

It contains a sample app for devs:

Blazor can compile to WebAssembly, the static files can easily be hosted on the Internet Computer.

The library is used in SkyDocs


This is awesome!

Does it compile WASM that will run as a canister? Or wasm that can be downloaded and run in the browser as wasm? If the latter, have you run across or contemplated what might be necessary to get the wasm to run in the canister?

It does not compile to native WASM. It compiles to .Net dlls and there is a .Net runtime for WASM that can run it. So that way it’s possible to run the app with WASM in the browser.
But because it’s not native WASM, it’s not possible to run it as a canister. This is currently not possible with .Net 6. There are a lot of requests to make it possible. Maybe in the next .Net version? I sure hope so!