Release notes for new replica version c273e

Dear IC Community,

we are happy to announce a new IC replica version that was proposed here: Internet Computer Network Status.

The release notes are as follows:

* Consensus: Add ECDSA payload verifier
* Consensus: Fix the ingress payload size computation
* Consensus: Xnet ECDSA initial dealing changes
* Crypto: Address Threshold ECDSA internal review comments
* Crypto: Introduce globally unique ID for IDKG transcript
* Crypto: Set canister secret key store scope for IDKG keys
* Crypto: Simplify Threshold ECDSA commitment checking
* Crypto: Upgrade rand crate within tECDSA
* Crypto: Use the minimum number of dealings in a transcript
* Execution: Add a metric to track the duration of bitcoin canister heartbeat
* Execution: Add a zero bucket for some BitcoinPayloadBuilder metrics
* Execution: Bitcoin canister heartbeat
* Execution: Bitcoin: Move unstable blocks into ReplicatedState.
* Execution: Canister invariant callbacks
* Execution: Minor: Make constants private
* Execution: Move remaining BitcoinState into ReplicatedState.
* Execution: Pass SubnetId with ECDSA compute initial dealings request
* Execution: Add bitcoin interface endpoints, currently no op
* Execution: Add log and metrics for `response_cycles_refund()`
* Message Routing: remove an unnecessary panic in the state manager
* Message Routing: Load fewer checkpoints on startup
* Networking: Add metrics inside the bitcoin client
* Networking: Add some reasoning when we returning http errors
* Networking: Avoid btc adapter crash on Macos
* Networking: Bitcoin Adapter Client fixes
* Networking: Canister Http client
* Networking: Change CanisterHttpContent naming Failed->Reject
* Networking: Crash the adapters if a single thread panics
* Networking: Initial registry changes for new firewall proposals
* Networking: Replace blocking reqwest client with non-blocking hyper client
* Networking: Switch to json log structure in order to be indexed by kibana
* Node: GuestOS: SELinux policy improvements (networkd, syslog/sandbox, gpt generator, ...)
* Node: GuestOS: Additional logs to diagnose rare bootstrap failures (LV setup)
* Node: GuestOS: Build reproducibility fixes
* Node: HostOS: Add new node provider to SetupOS mapping table
* Node: HostOS: Compile qemu earlier to speed up build
* Node: HostOS: Bootstrap reliability fixes (LVM, IPv6 address calculation)
* Orchestrator: Add a timeout to the upgrade loop
* Runtime: Add DTS fields to SchedulerState
* Runtime: Improve early error cases
* Runtime: Return unprocessed Response from ExecutionEnvironment
* Various bugfixes and test updates